The Mystery of Brunaspis enigmatica

2016, mixed media, 147 x 88 x 17 cm, in collaboration with JanZalasiewicz, Globale: Reset Modernity!, ZKM

In this speculative project the artists, Anne-Sophie Milon & Jan Zalasiewicz, asked themselves what the office of a paleontologist would look like in a 100 million years. The latter tried to understand through a specific fossil, the Brunaspis enigmatica, the strange and short geological time of nowadays, the Anthropocene, or as called in the future the Great Crisis Stratum.
The table stages various sketches, fossils and an article which result from this enquiry.

The Mystery of the Brunaspis enigmatica, Anne-Sophie Milon, Jan Zalasiewicz, ZKM, 2016.

Globale: Reset Modernity!