The Epochs of Nature

Georges-Louis Leclerc, Le Comte de Buffon

2018, pencil on layout and mixed media, 15,13 x 22,83 cm, in collaboration with Mateusz Zalasiewicz and Jan Zalasiewicz, 288 pages, The University of Chicago Press Books

Co-translator, illustrator of the first English language edition of The Epochs of Nature by Georges-Louis Leclerc, the Comte de Buffon, the first science-based narrative of the Earth thought of as a system, originally published as Les Époques de la Nature in 1778.

Preface, Translators’ note, Introduction, Buffon and the History of the Earth by Jan Zalasiewicz, Sverker Sörlin, Libby Robin, and Jacques Grinevald.

The Epochs of Nature

First Discourse, First Epoch - When the Earth and the Planets Took Their Form, Second Epoch - When Matter, Being Consolidated, Formed the Interior Rock of the Globe and the Great Vitrescible Masses That Are at Its Surface, Third Epoch - When the Waters Covered Our Continents, Fourth Epoch - When the Waters Retreated and the Volcanoes Became Active, Fifth Epoch - When the Elephants and the Other Animals of the South Lived in the North, Sixth Epoch - When the Separation of Continents Was Made, Seventh and Last Epoch - When the Power of Man Has Assisted That of Nature.

Justifying Notes to the Facts Reported in the Epochs of Nature, Notes on the First Discourse, Notes on the First Epoch, Notes on the Second Epoch, Notes on the Third Epoch, Notes on the Fifth Epoch, Notes on the Sixth Epoch, Notes on the Seventh Epoch.


The Epochs of Nature, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Le Comte de Buffon, 288 pages, The University of Chicago Press Books, 2018.