Les Strates de la Ville de l'Anthropocène

2018, colour pencils on layout, 14.8 x 21 cm, Annales. Histoire, Sciences sociales

The pictures have been thought with a specific methodology: which represents the materials architectures are buildt of (here, Bercy, Centre George Pompidou, Riquet). Combining those analyses with rocks' thin sections and microscopic fossils observations, the pictures want to give an idea of the diversity and juxtaposition of the various kind of rocks that would appear and be preserved in the far future. The categories and the palette of combinations of rocks', minerals' and fossils' textures, which would result of some cities parts' fossilisation, would look like to anything of one has already been observed in geology, billion years old earth's history. And anyone that would inquiry in a close future on our vestiges should devise its own methodology to attempt to interpret them.

Les Strates de la Ville de l’Anthropocène, Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewics, Colin Waters, Anthropocène/Histoire du commerce: XVIe-XIXe siècle, revue Annales. Histoire, Sciences sociales, n°2-2017, 2018.