A Legacy of the Technosphere

2016, color pencils and crayons on layout, 21 x 75 cm, Earth, Technosphere Magazine, HKW

Partner illustration to Jan Zalasiewicz’s "A Legacy of the Technosphere", published in Technosphere Magazine by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

In the end, the technosphere will be buried deep as any other conglomeration of earthly materials, forming timelines of past eras as patterns on the face of cliff faces. Aided by the illustrations of Anne-Sophie Milon, geologist Jan Zalasiewicz speculates about the underground fate of the technosphere’s debris and the puzzle of technofossils that far-future archaeologists will find when digging up the landfills of the global experiment called Anthropocene.

A Legacy of the Technosphere, Jan Zalasiewicz, Technosphere magazine, HKW, 2016.