Anne-Sophie Milon is an artist and a freelance illustrator and animator working and living in France. After completing two Masters in Art, she now about to start an adventurous Anthropocene-meets-art-meets-science PhD between Macquarie university (Australia) and Leicester university (United-Kingdom).

How can art provide narratives appropriate to Anthropocene realities? It is with this problem in mind that Anne-Sophie will explore what is happening to the Great Barrier Reef viewed through various perspectives (geological, those of indigenous people and other communities, those of various reef organisms, and so on).

Equipped with the uncanny ability to communicate complex ideas with seemingly simple means - Anne-Sophie is in constant demand from a host of scientific academics and quirky arty projects. From The Anthropocene to Geology, from Quantum Physics to French Patisseries, Anne Sophie uses animation and illustration to distill the impervious into the enchanting.

CV in English/in French

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