Anne-Sophie Milon is an artist-researcher whose practice explores the possibilities of drawing, animated and still, as a new form of writing at the interstice of the worlds of art and science. In addition to scientific illustration and contemporary art drawing, this visual research allows her to animate and make scientific concepts (geological, historical, anthropological, philosophical, etc.) sensitive to the greatest number of people in multiple media. Since her Masters at HEAR (Strasbourg), SciencesPo in political arts (SPEAP) and EHESS in History of Science, Technique and Knowledge (HSTS), she has been working on ecological issues (the Anthropocene, mineral matter, carbon dioxide, etc.) with various researchers: Professor Jan Zalasiewicz, paleontologist at the University of Leicester (UK) and head of the Anthropocene Working Group, and Clémence Hallé, doctoral student in art and environment history (ENS - SACRe), the anthropologist Anna Tsing from the universities of Aarhus (Denmark) and Santa Cruz (USA), the anthropologist Grégory Delaplace from the University of Paris Nanterre.

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