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Republishing of the Two Powers of Ten in association with Latour’s text Anti-Zoom in Scale in Literature and Culture - Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies edited by Michael Tavel Clarke and David Wittenberg at Palgrave Macmillan.

Humans produces so much junk, we are creating a new geological layer, an article of Starre Vartan for Slate.

Leicester geologist contributes to major project examining the ‘technosphere’, a release of the University of Leicester.

Partner illustration to Jan Zalasiewicz’s ‘A Legacy of the Technosphere’, published in ‘Technosphere Magazine’ by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

A Legacy of the Technosphere A Legacy of the Technosphere

The Mystery of the Brunaspis enigmatica The Mystery of the Brunaspis enigmatica

The Reshapers The Reshapers

A Theater of Negotiations A Theater of Negotiations

Plato Cave Plato Cave

The Two Powers of Ten The Two Powers of Ten

Research Research

Wilderness Wilderness

Rules of Procedure Rules of Procedure

Representative Assemblies Representative Assemblies

.gifs .gifs

Harlem Harlem

Sirène Obèse Sirène Obèse

E4 E4

Astra Astra


Wigum Wigum

Nail Polish Nail Polish

Out of the Blue Out of the Blue

Posters & Flyers Posters & Flyers

Happy City Happy City

Repeat Motifs Repeat Motifs

The Well & Alive Truck The Well & Alive Truck

Les Citadines Les Citadines

Colour Pencils Colour Pencils

Coiffures Laquées Coiffures Laquées

Ecrin Citadin Ecrin Citadin

Poodle Poodle

Infoodstructure: Brooklyn Case Study Infoodstructure: Brooklyn Case Study

Bunch of Flowers Bunch of Flowers

Background Background

Sketchy Women Sketchy Women